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The Clubhouse is available to all Members for private functions between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. 


All functions must conclude by 11:30 pm, at which time all guests must have vacated the premises, otherwise the security alarm will activate and Anne Arundel County Police will arrive.


The maximum time allowed for any private function is six (6) hours, including set-up and clean-up. 


The Clubhouse must be reserved in advance for private functions by submitting a reservation application and the required reservation fee.  Reservation applications shall be reviewed and, if approved, granted on a first come, first served basis (see Instructions for Submitting a Request to Rent the Clubhouse). 


CLUBHOUSE CAPACITY & RESTRICTIONS:  The number of individuals allowed in the Clubhouse common area at any one time must not exceed sixty-five (65).  This is the maximum capacity by order of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.  The Clubhouse may not be used for any illegal or profit making activities, political causes or religious services.  This includes gambling, direct sales parties, etc.  THE SHIPLEY’S CROSSING CLUBHOUSE IS DESIGNATED NON-SMOKING.  


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  No alcoholic beverages of any type may be served in the Clubhouse, unless a one-day liquor license is obtained by the Host and provided to the Association in advance of the event.  


HOST RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Member Host must be in the Clubhouse at all times during the private function to make sure their guests comply with these regulations and respect the rights and property of all our Members.  Children must be supervised at all times, and they must stay within the Clubhouse unless accompanied in common areas by an adult. The area rented includes the Main Room, Room with Tables, Kitchen, and Rest Rooms (it does not include the Entrance Hallway). The Exercise Room must not be blocked as it will remain open to community members during the function. The Exercise Room is off limits to both children and adult guests during private functions, and the doors to the exercise room must remain closed.  No tape or tacks can be used on the walls to put up decorations.  The reserving Member may place a “Function in Progress” sign on the front door of the Clubhouse to avoid unnecessary interruptions.


SUPPLIES & CLEANING:  Following the use of the Clubhouse, it must be returned to its original appearance. 


  • The kitchen and main rooms must be cleaned, carpeting vacuumed, and tile floors cleaned as required following the function (cleaning equipment (vacuums, mops, etc.), must be provided by the renter).


  • Furniture and decorations shall be returned to their original positions.


  • Trash shall be removed from all areas of the Clubhouse and removed from the building.


  • If necessary, please refill toilet tissue in Rest Rooms.


  • No food or drink shall be left in the refrigerator/freezer.


  • Any balloons must be removed from the clubhouse and surrounding area after your function.


  • Turn off the fireplace and any lights you turn on.


DAMAGE & LIABILITY:  Prior to the rental, a member of the Board will make arrangements with the renter to do a pre-rental inspection of the Clubhouse to review it's condition. Also, as soon as possible after the completion of the Clubhouse rental session, the renter will again be asked to join a Board member for a post-rental inspection of the property to make a determination with regard to the return of the security deposit. Members will be held responsible for any repairs required as a result of damage done when using the Clubhouse.  Should damage occur to the Clubhouse, its furnishings or structure, it must immediately be reported to the Board of Directors via ProCom, the property manager.   Failure to do so may result in loss of deposit and/or loss of Clubhouse privileges.  Use of the Shipley’s Crossing Clubhouse is at your own risk. The Shipley’s Crossing Homeowners Association, Inc. is not responsible for any injuries that may occur to the Member or their guests while using the Clubhouse. 


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