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Shipley’s Crossing - Clubhouse Rental Use

Walk Through - Check Out List


Checklist informarion is listed below. Click Here for full printable checklist


*It is the renter’s responsibility to clean the party rooms and kitchen area after the party.  The premises will be inspected after the party.  Failure to comply with the clean-up will result in a loss (or portion) of your deposit. 


 Thank you for your cooperation!


Below is a checklist of areas that will be inspected after the rental is complete and prior to the return of the deposit. Hopefully this list will assist you in identifying areas that will need to be cleaned after the party. A printable checklist is available at the bottom of this page.


  • Clean kitchen.  Remove all items from refrigerator, freezer, and kitchen area.


  • Clean/wipe interior of refrigerator and microwave.


  • Clean countertops and tables.


  • Vacuum carpet and wet mop floors*.


  • Return furniture to original location.


  • Remove all decorations.

  • Inspect Patio for trash (or broken glass).


All trash (including bathrooms) must be removed from the premises.


Check thermostat setting. Check to be sure doors and windows are locked and lights are off.


*A vacuum cleaner, mop, and broom are located in the clubhouse.


*It is the renters’ responsibility to provide cleaning products and trash bags.


*Homeowners have access to the pool and fitness center during private functions.



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