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The Board has provided a wireless, bluetooth music system (speaker) for the Clubhouse. It is located on an end table in the great room of the Clubhouse. It may be used by any community member using the clubhouse. It will easily sinc to your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and play any music or music station app that you have on your device. It is very simple to connect to. Just follow these directions:


- Turn on the power to the speaker (top left button).

- Go into settings on your mobile device and turn on Bluetooth. 

- Once Bluetooth in on in your mobile device, it will search for the Sound System. Once it finds it, you  will see 

    "Bose SoundTouch 4E66BE".  

     Select "Bose SoundTouch 4E66BE" (and it will connect your mobile device to the sound system).

- Once connected, the system will play any music you select from your mobile device.

- You can control the volume from the speaker itself or the accompanying remote control.


If you have any questions, please call Charlie Kerrigan at 443-871-1168.


Instructions for connecting to the

Bose Wireless / Bluetooth Sound System

in the Clubhouse


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